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Victoria Renee Productions, LLC. (VRP) is a Black woman-owned creative production company founded by Victoria Renee.  VRP is a full-service production company that creates film, tv, web, music, fashion, and tech projects. VRP is bi-coastal with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and additional operations in Los Angeles, CA. We work with both domestic and international clients. Please contact us to discuss how we help bring your creative dreams into reality.

Victoria Renee Productions Mission Statement: Our mission is to enlighten, entertain, inspire, and influence the cultural canon. E2, I2, C2


Victoria Renee Productions Vision Statement: Victoria Renee Productions is a global multi-media leader that combines art, technology, and advocacy.


Short Film

Psychological | Fantasy | Drama

Black Women | Black Community | Women | Mental Health

Catharsis began as Victoria Renee's Autobiographical Character Sketch essay for her M.F.A. application to USC's School of Cinematic Arts. It not only gained her admission but also won the hearts of many. She shared it with other USC hopefuls to serve as an example for their own applications. Victoria Renee dove into the psychological fantasy genre and wrote a tense discourse between her Id, Ego, and Superego. Catharsis serves as her way to demonstrate how she felt torn between pursuing her psychology endeavors and her desire to tell stories as a filmmaker. After numerous people of various backgrounds found it relatable, Victoria Renee adapted it into a screenplay. She leaned into her psychology background to create a story that highlights the importance of truly processing one's uncomfortable emotions in order to heal. 

This project was awarded an Invest Atlanta Creatives Grant and is seeking additional sources of financial support. Please donate below to support the creation of this proof-of-concept short film to help destigmatize mental health, especially within the Black Community.

Catharsis Poster.jpeg

Note: This poster is for visual illustration purposes only.

Log Line:

Once Trinity is accepted into her first prestigious art exhibit, she must decide whether to pay the participation fee or her light bill. After Trinity pays the fee and loses her power, she is forced into her mental space to confront her uncomfortable personified emotions. In order to regain her power, Trinity must learn to put down the "Strong Black Woman Kool-Aid" and heal through a Catharsis.

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Victoria Renee Productions is actively seeking additional sponsors and partners for Catharsis. We aim to work with businesses, organizations, universities, and individuals who desire to uplift mental health. Catharsis will be screened around the country and followed by Q&A panel discussions featuring mental health professionals. This is how we combine art and advocacy - by providing accessible mental health resources to attendees and helping destigmatize mental health within underserved communities. We are seeking mental health professionals of all levels across the nation to participate in our discussions. Please contact our fundraising & sponsorship manager and Catharsis associate producer, Stefanie Wong, at to participate. Furthermore, you can give financially via the Paypal button below.  We've currently raised 25% of our $80k goal! Help us help others by supporting Catharsis!

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